What’s the OOFFRR All About

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Features at OOFFRR

OOFFRR is an online to offline shopping app.
You can check the offers online on the app and buy it offline by heading to the merchant's shop in your nearby markets.
That's why it is called Hyper-Local Shopping App.

Consumer comes first

OOFFRR App is easy to use.
You just have to download the app by typing OOFFRR in the Google Play Store and redeem your desired offer.
You can view the shop's address and head to the shop.

Strive for excellence

You would get the best exclusive deals by the respetive merchant of any market active in the OOFFRR App.
Deals would include various eye catchy combos in almost all categories.

Be honest

The deals are called exclusive because of the amazing discounts offered by the merchants on their best offers.
The exciting discounts on various categories will crave us to buy the offer.

Exhibit bias for action

OOFFRR App has a set of multiple categories which are Food, Mens Fashion, Spa, Salon, Daily Needs, Electronic Gadget, Entertainment, Opticals, Books, Electronic Repairing, Automobile, Furniture, Home Decor, Health, Electronics, Jewellery, Travels, Gifts, Women Fashion, Accessories, Kids Fashion, Footwear.

Standup, Disagree and Commit

The offers are very easy to redeem.
Once you download the app, you just have to click the redeem button on your desired offer and an OTP will be given to you which you have to show the merchant before buying the offer.

Be humble

The whole information of the merchant including its shop's address, contact number is displayed on the App so that if you find any difficulty while locating the shop you can easily contact the shop.

Act like an owner

The new updated version of the OOFFRR App gives you the opportunity to see the offers running in other OOFFRR Zones.
Now, no matter where you are you can see all the offers running in other market zones by clicking on the OOFFRR Zone icon on the App.

Be curious and learn

Promote Your Business

Running Business without any promotion is just like playing cricket without wearing a helmet. For the smooth running of any business, it requires a promotional fuel that majorly helps in creating brand awareness among the mass, provides information about your business, increases the flow of customer traffic. The most important of all is building sales and profits through the brand promotions.
For obtaining the best results, the process of business promotion needs to be very closely scrutinized. Promotion plays a very important role in putting across the benefits of your product or service to the customers. Promotion can be used as the voice of your company which helps in sending out your brand’s message loud and clear to the mass audience. OOFFRR helps in promoting the business of its associated merchants through the following tactics.

Web Visibility

OOFFRR.com helps its merchants and associates in web visibility which consequently helps the merchant in building a stronger brand image, increases the number of visitors on website, increases the reputation of the company as people would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews. It helps in making a positive goodwill of the company in the eyes of the customers or general public via SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Everyday, people search for many things which are directly related to your business. SEO helps in bringing your business on the top of the search engine which helps you in in connecting with these people directly. SEO increases the DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page Authority) of any website which turns it into a win-win approach as it helps in growing our website as well as your business simultaneously. With the help of SEO, the users who can not see you locally, will be able to see you digitally. This is how OOFFRR increases your web visibility.

Web Visibility Services By OOFFRR.com
Social Media Visibility At OOFFRR.com

Social Media Visibility

ocial Media is the most powerful thing in today’s modern world. It helps in connecting with those people who do not know about your products and services. It helps in creating brand recognition and generates a conversation around your brand. It also helps in gathering data from the audience research to improve the products or services if required.

We help our partners in covering their social media visibility which helps in increasing their brand awareness. Social media is one of the most cost-efficient methods used to increase your business' visibility. Implementing a social media strategy will immensly increase your brand recognition since you will be engaging with a broad audience of consumers. It also helps in better search engine page ranking as social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc is being used by millions of people daily which helps in improving the brand visibility and awareness.

Mobile Application Visibility

Now a days, our mobiles are flooded with the apps according to our needs. We have to accept that among all our needs, discounts are given the most priority. Apps which offer heavy discounts are most preferred by a large number of people. OOFFRR App is one such app which helps in availing exclusive discounts.

We advertise our associated partners on ooffrr app which currently has more than 20,000 active users which are increasing rapidly day by day which consequently benefits the merchant as the daily visibility will be atleast 20% of the active users, that is, 4000 or more per day. The users can see your shop, its location, contact details and the menu card of your shop on the OOFFRR App directly which means the more users will use the App, more will be your mobile application visibility among the mass. You can give exclusive deals and discounts to attract more and more customers through increased visibility.

Mobile Application Visibility Services with ooffrr App
Media Coverage Services with ooffrr.com

Media Coverage

Media Coverage is equally important for the business promotion. Youtube is one of the most famous social media platform which helps in creating a stronger brand image of any business.

We have a special media team which consists of reporter and cameraman. Some interesting questions are asked by the media team from the visitors which helps in engaging them. Paytm vouchers are given to the visitors who answer the questions correctly and these vouchers are redeemable at the merchant’s shop which helps in creating a strong connection between merchant and the customers.

Besides this, media team also inform the visitors about the active merchants associated with the OOFRR App and their current running offers. It helps in offline marketing of the merchant’s business which subsequently results in creating its brand awareness among the local mass who visit the market on a regular basis.

Ad Campaign

The world has shown so much progress in terms of science and technology. Now, the social media platform can also be used to digitally advertise your business by placing Ad campaigns which are seen by millions of people which increases your digital visibility on a larger scale.

We digitally advertise our associated merchants through SEM. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is done through Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Ads and other affiliate partners of Google. Google Adwords has some great features including CTR (Click through impressions) through which we can increase the merchant’s visibility to the users and therby creating its stronger brand awareness.

Run Ad Campaigns for your business to make it more popular with ooffrr.com